Ideal Electrodes is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization, engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of welding electrodes. These electrodes are manufactured using premium grade raw materials like steel wire and ferro alloys, which is procured from reliable vendors.Read More
An all positional stainless steel electrodes giving radiographic welds which offer maximum resitance to corrosion and cracking with excellent creep strength. Welds can withstand elevated temperatures upto 800 C. A low carbon 19/10 stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content of 3 to 7%.Read More
It is a medium coated rutile type General Purpose all position mild steel electrode. The electrode operates with a quiet stable arc easy striking and restriking, low spatter and smoke. The slag is self releasing, producing smooth,bright and well - rippled beads. Easy to operate in all positions including vertical down.Read More
It is a medium heavy coated, low hydrogen type electrode for non machinable welds on cast iron. Preferred when a strong and rigid joints are obtained between two cast iron parts. Preheating is recommended for heavy and complicated section. the electrodes should always be keep dry.Read More
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