Welding Electrodes :

A medium heavy coated Rutile type electrode deposits air hardening type weld metal of approx 350 Brinell hardness. The weld metal is machinable with carbide tools. A buffer layer of IDEAL - 7016 is recommended on carbon steels and low alloy steels.

A medium heavy coated, low hydrogen type hard facing electrodes with soft arc, low spatter and smooth welds. The weld metal is alloyed cast iron which is hard and extremely resistant to abrasion and metal to metal wear.

Ideal - 650 LH
A medium heavy coated. low hydrogen air hardening type electrode for hardfacing applications. produces extremely hard, sound and non -machinable welds. Due to the low hydrogen coating the electrodes can be used on high carbon and high sulphur steel without inducing under bead cracking or porosity. The deposit can be finished by grinding only.

Ideal - MANGAN

A medium heavy coated, low hydrogen work hardening type electrode for hardfacing application on austenitic Mn steel parts like stone crusher jaws, dredger bucket teeth, etc. where resistance to impact is necessary. The weld deposit consist of 12% Mn steel which has 200 Brinell hardness which increases to over 500 brinell under severe impact in service.

Ideal - CUT

It is a specially developed electrode versatile in cutting, goughing and other related operations. A powerful arc with negligible slag enable rapid cutting. It can be used in all positions since the kerfs are narrow.

Ideal - CEL- AWS: E 6010

It is an medium coated, all position, cellulosic coated electrode with a forceful, penetrating arc and thin brittle slag. Gives a flat bead with melting rate. The weld metal is highly ductile and radiographic quality. Suitable for all position work.

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